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Gourmet Nut – Gourmet On The Go Almond Cranberry Crunch – 8 oz.


Gourmet Nut – Gourmet On The Go Almond Cranberry Crunch – 8 oz. (227 g) Gourmet Nut Gourmet on the Go Nature’s Mix is the perfect snack any time of day. Gourmet Nut’s;Almond Cranberry Crunch combines almonds, peanuts, cranberries and raisins in one delicious bag. This super trail mix is a delicious snack that will give you the healthy energy you need to maximize your day! All Natural Cholesterol Free Trans Fat Free Gluten Free No Preservatives Gourmet Nut CompanyBecause it is a phrase not yet listed in the dictionary (or even Wikipedia!) , Gourmet Nut;decided to conjure up a definition of their own. A Gourmet Nut is anyone who LOVES delicious gourmet food. Basically, it’s every one of you! Starting out as group of foodies like yourself, the Gourmet Nut team got together weekly to exchange recipes, gossip about the latest restaurants and, of course, talk about their love of food. One topic that often came up was the lack of high quality, everyday gourmet snacks at affordable prices for the average person to enjoy. And so, the Gourmet Nut brand was born! Since then, Gourmet Nut;has grown to provide high quality ingredients and products to the everyday consumer looking to bring a more gourmet side to their food. They created a line of sea salts from around the world, that are used by top chefs throughout the country as well as everyday moms and foodies who love to cook. Gourmet Nut has also developed a line of gourmet spice rubs and spice blends, which can make the most “amateur” chef cook like a pro. Gourmet Nut customers and fans are mostly new the culinary food world, which is why they explain each of their products on the label and point out how best to use it. Gourmet Nut insures everything they make is top quality, easy to use, and comes at an affordable price.

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